Exploring the Spiritual Dimensions of Palliative Care 3–4 November 2018

Interested in more about spirituality and palliative care? The University of Notre Dame in Sydney (Broadway) invites you to this workshop that is open to all but particularly designed for advanced specialty trainees in Palliative Care:

“Over the past two decades there has been a worldwide resurgence of interest in this challenging, neglected aspect of health care.

“The importance of the spiritual dimension is clearly outlined in the curriculum of the RACP Chapter of Palliative Medicine, for advanced specialty trainees. For example, learning objective 1.8.1 states: “Recognise that spirituality, however expressed, is a key dimension of the human experience and understand how spiritual issues can impact on suffering”.

“This workshop has been particularly designed for these trainees, but it is suitable for anyone interested in the spiritual dimensions of palliative care.

“Spirituality is a difficult concept to grasp. It is inherently personal and experiential, rather than cognitive. This is reflected in the workshop style, which is very participatory.

“The content draws on material from many sources: stories, images, music, and silent reflection. Participants work in groups of three, exploring topics such as meaning, suffering, hope, forgiveness, love and healing.

“Workshop facilitator Prof Doug Bridge has pioneered palliative medicine in Australia and Asia since 1983. Since 2002 he has concentrated on the spiritual dimension, and led workshops in many countries. He is the past-President of the Australasian Chapter of Palliative Medicine.”

What: Workshop – The Spiritual Dimensions of Palliative Care.
When: 3–4 November 2018.
Where: The University of Notre Dame Australia, Sydney (104 Broadway, Broadway).
Cost: $250. Includes lunches, refreshments, and Saturday dinner.
Hosted by: Institute for Ethics and Society, The University of Notre Dame
More: Click here for more information and to register