Caring for someone with a life-limiting illness can be both rewarding and challenging.

You may also have other family or work commitments. It is important to find ways to balance your caring role and other responsibilities so that you maintain a sense of wellbeing.

Palliative Care NSW recognizes the joys and demands of your role.  We provide resources and useful links to networks to help you do your best in your carer’s role.

Helpful links

Grief and bereavement during COVID

During this extended period of the COVID pandemic, we are highly aware that many families have been restricted from being with their loved ones at end of life. Heartbroken families have been denied the opportunity to deliver their farewells in the way they wanted to. This could give rise to experiencing prolonged grief disorder – in response to a death that deviates from normal expectations.

We have collated a suite of resources to support grief and bereavement that we sincerely hope will assist you.

For health professionals

  • Self-care Matters Plan – a resource for palliative care staff to help prevent burnout and build resilience