Assisting Health Professionals to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People receiving palliative care at home

Caring@home’s primary goal is to enhance access to quality and timely end-of-life care for patients who opt for in-home care and, if possible, choose to spend their final moments there.

Caring@home provides practical, and evidence-based clinical and educational resources, supporting planning for end-of-life care, families and carers to help manage end-of-life symptoms at home and patients to be cared for in the place of their choice. These resources serve clinical services, health professionals, and families and carers.

Their Palliative Care Clinic Box has tailored resources for families, health professionals and clinical services to support the provision of palliative care at home for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The Clinic Box is designed to be stored centrally at the clinic/health service office and contains resources for several patients and families. For details of the resources and to order click HERE

Another great learning resource is a video featuring Kat Hooper, a proud Worami and Gubbi Gubbi descendant who shares a yarn about Uncle Gungalung, a 64 year old man, that was able to return to his traditional country, his home country, amongst the arms of his loved ones and family to go on his end-of-life journey, “…a journey to the dream time.” This resource offers invaluable insights into the importance of cultural beliefs, storytelling and connection to country for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Watch video HERE