Webinar: Talking about end-of-life care and support

On September 6, 2023, Megan Asbury from PCNSW was invited to join a panel discussion hosted by The Council on the Ageing (COTA) NSW, along with Dr Stephen Ginsborg, COTA NSW Director and Melissa Reader CEO of the Violet Initiative

Discussion centred around how Australians plan for and experience end of life care.

All the presenters talked about the importance of early conversations around death and dying, where to get advice and the role of palliative care when diagnosed with life-limiting illness, or caring for someone who has a life-limiting illness.

Feedback from the audience was positive, saying they now had a better understanding of what Palliative Care is, how to access Palliative Care, Advanced Care Planning, and the resources available to carers.

“You can still continue treatment while also accepting Palliative Care…Palliative Care represents a change in focus, from trying to find a cure to living with an illness and managing symptoms in order to achieve the best quality of life” Megan stated.

COTA is the peak organisation for people over 50 in our state. They are an independent, consumer-based non-government organisation that provide advice and connections to ensure that older people are well-informed about the opportunities that are available to them and how to make the most of their lives.

To watch full webinar, please click here: Webinar: Talking about end-of-life care and support