Voluntary Assisted Dying in NSW

After extensive discussion the NSW voluntary assisted dying bill has moved to its next stage in the upper house, after a parliamentary vote of 20-17 this week.

During debate the issue of genuine and equitable access to palliative care for all of those living with a terminal illness in NSW was again raised. With calls to improve the investment in, and quality of, palliative care and to make it more accessible. The Honourable Adam Searle emphasised “that patients have the right to know about all of their end-of-life options”.

Palliative Care NSW CEO Linda Hansen, has reiterated these concerns, saying “it is essential that palliative care be provided as a genuine option to people at end of life. These people need to have confidence that they can access appropriate care whenever and wherever they are in NSW”.

The bill successfully passed the lower house of parliament in November last year, with 52 MPs in favour and 32 against.

It is expected to move to the upper house’s committee stage for amendments next week.