Struggling with life’s one certainty: the story of author Nick Bennett who found the most meaning during the twilight of his life

Nick Bennett

Perth writer Nick Bennett has planned a bit further ahead and wants to write two books over the next six years.

Nick has now been living with Parkinson’s disease for 13 years, and he says he doesn’t have much time, believing he only have six years left to live.

This is an inspirational story of meaning in life, it is a testament of purposely living your life no matter how long you think you are going to live.

Nick re connected with author Kate at his Parkinson’s ‘coming out’ party, with whom he married 5 years later.

Being around her encouraged him to revisit his work and reflect on existence.

“Nick said the process of creating the work brought some resolution to the existential angst that had plagued him for so many years.”

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