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Palliative Care NSW Policy Statement.

Thank you to everyone who helped us to write the Palliative Care NSW Policy Statement. This Statement will now help us to provide informed input to the development of palliative care in NSW.

Our vision is is that every person in NSW who is diagnosed with a condition that will result in their death in the foreseeable future will have access to quality care that addresses their physical, psychosocial and spiritual needs. To achieve that vision, PCNSW aims to provide informed and evidence based input into the development of policy at the State and national levels.

To that end, PCNSW has released this Policy Statement canvassing the significant challenges in delivering equitable,quality palliative care in NSW, and possible solutions to those challenges.

This Policy Statement reflects feedback received in response to our Discussion Paper, which was released in November 2011.

Palliative Care NSW wishes to thank those members and stakeholders who took the time to prepare submissions on the Discussion Paper, and who participated in regional consultative meetings over recent months. Your input has been
invaluable in ensuring this Policy Statement properly reflects the real and practical experience of those involved in the delivery of palliative care in a range of different care settings.

We consider this Statement to be a ‘living document’ and welcome your comments at any time. If you have any comments, please send them to:
Post: Executive Officer, Palliative care NSW
PO Box 487, Strawberry Hills NSW 2012
Email: info@palliativecarensw.org.au

You can download a copy of the Policy Statement here.

Advance Care Planning in New South Wales

There is no specific legislation for Advance Care Directives in NSW, however the NSW Department of Health recognises Advance Care Directives as an extension of an individual’s right under common law to decline medical treatment.

Palliative Care New South Wales has produced a position paper covering all aspects of Planning Ahead in NSW. Click to download the PDF file.

As a founding member, Palliative Care New South Wales Inc supports the policy initiatives of Palliative Care Australia .

Significant policy documents which can be found on the Palliative Care Australia website at www.palliativecare.org.au include:

  1. Standards for Providing Quality Palliative Care for All Australians (2005)
  2. A Guide to Palliative Care Service Development:  A Population-Based Approach (2005)
  3. Position Statements on the following topics:
    1. Carers and End of Life
    2. Advance Care Planning
    3. Primary Health Care and End of Life
    4. Residential Aged Care and End of Life
    5. Voluntary Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide .

The Extinction of Life:

Obtaining death certificates for palliative care patients dying at home.
Extinction of Life Discussion Paper PDF


Palliative Care New South Wales welcomes media enquiries and can provide expert commentators on a wide range of issues in palliative care across NSW. To interview PCNSW experts please contact:

Peter Cleasby 
President of Palliative Care New South Wales

Peter can be contacted through the Executive Officer on 02 9206 2094 or mobile 0403 699 491 or email on info@palliativecarensw.org.au