Dementia is a serious loss of cognitive ability in a previously unimpaired person, beyond what might be expected from normal aging. It may be static, the result of a unique global brain injury, or progressive, resulting in long-term decline due to damage or disease in the body. Although dementia is far more common in the older population, it may occur in any stage of adulthood.

Palliative Care NSW is proud to be involved with Alzheimer’s Australia (NSW) in bringing information about dementia and palliative care to the community.
Thanks to funding from the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing through their Local Palliative Care Grants Round 5, we have developed a new information kit about dementia and end of life care and a package of training materials for home care workers. The kit is called ‘The Dementia Journey: Start the Conversation Today’. The kit includes;

  1. The Dementia Journey”  A workbook and planning template for people with dementia
  2. Asking Questions About Dementia Can Help” Booklet & Kit for people with dementia, their families and carers
  3. DVD ‘Making choices for someone with Advanced Dementia’ produced by NSW Health for families and carers

Hard copies of the kit will be available soon, or download the various elements of the kit here.

The education materials for home care workers include a Facilitator’s Guide and a Participant’s manual. Alzheimer’s Australia (NSW) will be able to provide training using these resources. You can also download these resources here for the Participant Manual and here for the Facilitator’s Guide.