Report summaries views of NSW palliative care staff and service users

From April to October 2017, roundtable meetings and consultation workshops on palliative care were held across NSW to hear directly from communities, clinicians and service providers about what they saw as the priorities for palliative care.

In November 2017, a consultation paper and a survey with 16 questions were publicly released to report on the roundtable meetings and consultation workshops, and to provide participants and people and organisations who were unable to attend an opportunity to have their say on priorities for palliative care.

This report provides a summary of those responses.

2000 responses were received from a wide range of people who work in palliative care services or who have experienced the services directly or indirectly.

The main themes to emerge were:

  • Care should be patient centred
  • Service delivery should be flexible
  • Care should be integrated and well-coordinated
  • Additional resources and training are required
  • Palliative care should be clearly defined and recognised
  • The role of carers and support services should be recognised

NSW Health says that the findings will be considered when developing the End of Life Palliative Care Framework.


NSW Health Palliative Care Survey Summary Report May 2018