Quick helpful tips for Mental Health for Carers and Patients

Mental Health Day

World Mental Health day was celebrated on 10/10/22.

We have some useful and simple tips to be shared among patients and carers in order to contribute to their Mental Health.

2 Ways to help a Palliative Care patient with Mental Health through difficult times:

  • If anxiety and depressive symptoms persist on the patient you are caring for, suggest professional counselling support.
  • Try to ensure that care provided by family and friends is seen as a demonstration of love and respect and not a burden.

2 Ways to help carers when struggling with Mental Health while taking care of a patient:

  • Encourage them to TALK about their struggles: listen without judgement or otherwise encourage them to find the right support to talk about their struggles as a carer.
  • Encourage them to TAKE BREAKS for selfcare! Remind the that SELFCARE IS NOT SELFISH.

Click HERE to access picture cards and share them among your colleagues or friends.