Public Health Palliative Care (PHPC) involves action to change the social, political and environmental determinants of health that negatively impact on a person’s health and wellbeing. It promotes action through clinical care as well as cross-sector collaboration with allied health, other professionals and the community.  PHPC supports a person-centred process, enabling people to increase their own control over their end of life experience.

This network of Community Ambassadors aims to link formal and informal alliance networks for a more integrated approach to PHPC. The program fosters leadership and relationships for cross-sector collaboration. The aim is for the network to support its members in their place of work and community, on the choice and delivery of evidenced-based palliative care projects.

Anyone in clinical and allied health, or who works or volunteers in the palliative care community can become a PHPC Ambassador.

To find out more, contact Megan Asbury, Deputy CEO Palliative Care NSW at


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HELP Information Guide: A progress report on implementing community guidance on public health palliative care initiatives in Australia. Grindrod and Rumbold (2018)

The Ambassadors Network project is supported by funding from COORDINARE-South Eastern NSW, through the Australian Government’s PHN program.  The program is being delivered in partnership with Palliative Care NSW and La Trobe University.