PCNSW Appoints Communications Officer

Palliative Care NSW is pleased to announce the recent appointment of Carolyn Frichot as Communications Officer. Carolyn has been appointed to assist the team in delivering on their communications resources in relation to two major grants recently awarded to the organisation.
Carolyn has over 20 years-experience as a communications and engagement specialists, more recently in the aged care and disability sector.

Her current experience in managing digital transformation for NFPs, with industry-leading engagement rates and highly improved membership retention, will be invaluable in helping to achieve the goals of Palliative Care’s major projects.

“One project is for volunteer support, on which the Palliative Care community heavily relies and the other is for building a positive palliative care culture in the community” says CEO Linda Hansen. “Carolyn’s expertise will greatly assist our mission”.

Carolyn was previously Communications Manager for Down Syndrome NSW and has led Project Development of digital transformation in communications and engagement for several Human Services enterprises.

Commenting on the appointment, Carolyn said she was excited to be taking on the role. “Working in the human services sector has a unique set of challenges, particularly during the COVID upheaval. I find these communities to be passionate, creative and innovative. It’s a space I very much like to work in”.