Palliative Care during the peak of the Pandemic and how health practitioners are coping with the aftershock

Health practitioners and how the are dealing with the Pandemic aftershock

Dr. Jennifer Reid interviews Dr. Zhang, the leader of the palliative care team at Bellevue Hospital in New York during the peak of the  Covid19 Pandemic in 2020.

In this interview, Dr, Zhang describes how the overwhelming of the rapidity and the volume of deaths affected her and what she learnt from it.

She mentions she could find herself crying 9 times a day, not functioning, having trouble sleeping.

Through therapy Dr. Zhang learnt how to allow herself to feel the emotions she was feeling and acknowledge herself for what a good Palliative Care doctor she is.

Through her experience and the help she received with therapy, she realised that taking care of her mental health is actually part of being healthy as a whole and started to take actions upon that. Saying NO to some things and taking time off when the situation gets too overwhelming is a starting point.

Please know if you experience similar outcomes, you are not alone.

Read this helpful and interesting full article and interview on the following article that Dr. Reid titled: Can Facing Death Create a More Meaningful Life?

Dr. Reid is a psychiatrist, mindset and wellness coach, writer, and podcaster. She is also an award-winning educator on the clinical faculty at the University of Pennsylvania.

Source: Psychology today Australia