General practice provides ongoing care for a large number of patients with chronic, debilitating and eventually fatal diseases. As such, they are uniquely placed in the essential role of providing palliative care to patients and their families. General practice nurses already manage patients who are at risk of deteriorating health and dying such as the elderly and the chronically ill. The relationship of trust formed with patients and carers makes a general practice the perfect environment in which to enable planning discussions while the patients are still well.

The Advance Project is had been specially designed to support general practice nurses to work with GP’s to initiate advance care planning (ACP) and palliative care in everyday general practice. It consists of a practical toolkit of screening and assessment tools and a training package.

It aims to enable better care outcomes through earlier consideration of ACP,  timely referrals to palliative care specialists where appropriate and more efficient use of GP and nurses time when providing palliative or supportive care. Increasing the confidence and comfort levels for GPNs when initiating conversations with patients and carers will help them better screen for supportive care needs and ACP.

If you are an enrolled or registered nurse working in general practice you are eligible for the free training. Rural scholarships are available to assist with the cost of attending the workshops.

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