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Sometimes Treating Pain Is As Important As Treating Disease

Amy Berman of New York City had been living with inflammatory breast cancer for about five years when, during a ride on the Q train one day in 2014, she noticed a pain in her back. Berman is a registered nurse and, at first, she thought it was a fracture. The cancer had already metastasized [...]

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Busting palliative care pain myths

With the recent debate in the media about death and dying, you may have heard euthanasia advocates arguing that palliative care is unable to provide adequate pain relief for some of its patients. Senior Professor Kathy Eagar, Director of the Australian Health Services Research Institute, has recently gone on the record to refute this. " [...]

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Conference discussing medical cannabis begins tomorrow

The United In Compassion Australian Medical Cannabis Symposium is being held in Melbourne this Friday, Saturday and Sunday 23rd - 25th July, 2017. The conference organisers claim that the content will be of interest to medical professionals, health care practitioners, patient groups and other interested persons. The program includes information about the application of medicinal [...]

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Parkes Palliative Care Conference July 2017

The Parkes Palliative Care Volunteer Service would like to welcome you to Parkes this July for their conference, "Pain Is More Than Pills". The role of a palliative care volunteer is diverse and rarely straightforward. Encountering clients in pain often goes with the territory. This conference aims to delineate pain and suffering from a physical [...]

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