Nursing and Palliative Care: Inseparably yours

Today we celebrate International Nurses Day and acknowledge the many ways that nurses have shown leadership in building the knowledge base, practice, presence and hope of palliative care. And for their leadership in health care generally. The International Council of Nurses highlights the role of nurses as leaders in ‘health as a human right’, adding: [...]

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2 years since her tragic death, calls for Gayle’s Law to be adopted nationally

Some 2 years have passed since the murder of Gayle Woodford, a remote area nurse in South Australia who was attacked and killed while alone in South Australia’s APY Lands in March 2016. The maliciousness of the attack, the isolation of the setting and the intimacy of her relationship with the local community drew collective [...]

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Supporting palliative care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are underrepresented in palliative and end of life care services and in order to improve access to quality care we need to implement strategies that accommodate their spiritual and cultural beliefs. With this in mind, Caresearch has launched the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Care Hub to help create equity [...]

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The Advance Project: free training and resources for general practice nurses

General practice provides ongoing care for a large number of patients with chronic, debilitating and eventually fatal diseases. As such, they are uniquely placed in the essential role of providing palliative care to patients and their families. General practice nurses already manage patients who are at risk of deteriorating health and dying such as the [...]

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What does psychology have to offer at the end of life?

Dr Jenny Strachan is a clinical psychologist at the Marie Cure Hospice in Edinburgh. Coming from an adult metal health background, she has recently changed to working in oncology and palliative care, bringing with her a special insight into how psychology can benefit both patients and staff. Up to 20% of patients in a palliative care [...]

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Palliative Care is an art

Ann Broderick is a volunteer consultant in Palliative Medicine from the University of Iowa currently working with Pallium India. Recently she had the rare opportunity to visit the Lakshadweep Islands, off the Kerala coast. Travel to these islands is typically highly restricted but she was made a guest of the Thanal Charitable Organisation, visiting their palliative [...]

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APNA National Conference 2017 – Hobart 4-6 May

The Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association (APNA) will be hosting their 2017 National Conference on May 4 - 6. Registration is now open. Called State of the Art, the conference will inspire and educate nurses by exploring service innovation, models of care, quality and safety practices and leadership. One of the keynote speakers is Professor Sanchia [...]

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In the shadow of death: life as a palliative care nurse

Karuna Hospice nurses Renee Wilson and Lea-Anne Tuaoi share their stories on finding joy and meaning in a life lived in the presence of death. Click here to read in full.     Story credit: Lucy Fahey and Paul Donoughue. Illustrations: Lucy Fahey. Originally posted by the ABC here.

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