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Supporting palliative care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are underrepresented in palliative and end of life care services and in order to improve access to quality care we need to implement strategies that accommodate their spiritual and cultural beliefs. With this in mind, Caresearch has launched the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Care Hub to help create equity [...]

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Managing dementia as a palliative illness

Dementia and Palliative Care: Getting it Together Between now and the end of June, the Program of Excellence in the Palliative Approach (PEPA) and the Western NSW Local Health District are presenting information sessions providing insight into the management of dementia as a palliative illness. These short forums are aimed at providing valuable information to [...]

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Connecting pets with palliative care patients

For many people, going into palliative care means leaving their pets behind. Being away from their furry friends can really add to feelings of distress. This may be especially true for the elderly who may have already lost their spouse leaving their pet as their main companion. Kimberly Elford is a Tasmanian woman who runs [...]

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The Advance Project: free training and resources for general practice nurses

General practice provides ongoing care for a large number of patients with chronic, debilitating and eventually fatal diseases. As such, they are uniquely placed in the essential role of providing palliative care to patients and their families. General practice nurses already manage patients who are at risk of deteriorating health and dying such as the [...]

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New online resource supporting palliative care

Federal Minister for Aged Care, The Hon. Ken Wyatt launched the new palliAGED program as part of National Palliative Care Week. This new online resource highlights what research evidence is important and effective for palliative care. 15% of the population were aged 65 and over last year - that is 3.7 million people and  Mr [...]

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New principles for palliative and end-of-life care in RACFs.

The Australian population is ageing and the need for palliative and end-of-life care across all care settings is increasing. As the population ages, so too does the demand for aged care in both the home and in residential care settings. Developed by peak aged care bodies, these new principles for palliative and end-of-life care are specific to [...]

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Join a conversation about death and dying

North Sydney Saturday 27th May. "Our inspirational dream is that every individual, community and service provider has the knowledge and capacity to do death well." Zenith Virago, Natural Death Care Centre Bring an open mind and an open heart to a day of conversation about dying and death. Many of us don't contemplate our deaths [...]

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Humour is a vital part of life – even for people who are dying

Neils Billund is a hospice care worker in Minneapolis who uses the power of humour to help his patients and their families cope with illness and the process of dying. "Most of us like a good joke, a good laugh," he said. The therapeutic humour movement is catching on. Laughter is good, laughter is healthy. It's beneficial for [...]

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How music therapy helps terminally ill patients

Music therapists are helping hospice patients and their families with therapeutic music. Musical therapy techniques not only help relax patients and lift their spirits but can also be comforting for family members and carers. Music can provoke memories and promote feelings of connectedness. Research has shown that listening to music is beneficial, significantly reducing pain, anxiety [...]

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What it’s like to spend Christmas in Palliative Care

This article was first published by blogto.com here. Christmas trees, glittery lights and mistletoe have dotted Toronto's urban landscape in preparation for one of the most festive seasons of the year. As a photographer, living and working downtown, it is inevitable to step outside and capture the essence of this season. This year, however, I [...]

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