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Pushing for better end of life care for people with dementia

Dementia Australia is calling on the Government of Victoria (in collaboration with the Commonwealth Government) to systematise and customise palliative and end of life care for people with dementia in a discussion paper released 30 October, at an event hosted by Parliamentary Friends of Dementia. Maree McCabe CEO Dementia Australia said in the end of [...]

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Three Magical Phrases to Comfort a Dying Person

At 3 p.m. on a Monday afternoon, death announced it was coming for him. He was only eight years old; his cancer cells were not responding to treatment anymore. His body’s leukemic blast cell counts were doubling daily. Bone marrow was no longer making red or white blood cells, not even platelets. The marrow was [...]

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CareSearch: ‘What palliative care information is most needed by patients, carers and families?’

Trustworthy information. CareSearch shares trustworthy information on palliative care to everyone who needs it. We recently spoke with Dr Lauren Miller-Lewis, Research Associate with CareSearch about her latest project. “We are currently embarking on an engagement project with patients, carers, and families, to better understand their information needs when it comes to palliative care. This [...]

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What Matters Most: a personal reflection on palliative care

In National Palliative Care Week Heather Whitely Robertson, Head of Learning and Participation at the Art Gallery NSW, spoke about her very personal journey in palliative care and how the arts can help to transform our perspective on human experiences like dying and loss. Here is an extract from her speech: One thing that is [...]

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Representatives sought for joint ACI+CEC Consumer Council

Wanted! Consumer representatives to shape safety, quality and innovation in health care. The Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) and Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC) are establishing a joint Consumer Council in 2018. The aim of the Council is to advise the joint ACI and CEC Board on consumer representation within each organisation, contribute to ACI and [...]

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PCA launches new paediatric palliative care resource

Minister for Health the Hon. Greg Hunt MP today launched new resources for paediatric palliative care at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. “I am proud to launch these resources that will assist families going through some of the toughest times of their lives. It’s important that everyone involved in caring for the child is [...]

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Insights into the emerging practice of Palliative Care in China

See the full story ‘Beijing hospital’s hospice pilot struggles for cash, cultural acceptance’ by Xie Wenting in the Global Times 21st August 2017. Palliative care is a new phenomenon in China. While demand is huge, hospitals are facing challenges in introducing this concept to a society where traditional filial piety still holds sway, especially given [...]

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This game makes end-of-life decisions easier

A new game has been launched to get people talking about difficult end-of-life issues. Called Hello, players go around the table answering questions. It is designed to be easy and non-threatening and for everyone to play and is a way to open discussion for the sick or elderly to begin advance care planning conversations. "Who [...]

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3 ways you can support Dying to Know Day

It's Dying to Know Day! 60% of Australians think we should talk about death more, so why do we find it so hard?  Often the most difficult thing about death and grief is the awkwardness. People don’t know what to say, or what to do, so often they do nothing. What if we all knew how to respond to loss when [...]

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Spiritual Care board helps patient communication

Using a spiritual care board could be useful in many situations where patient communication is difficult, such as palliative care. Gene LoCastro became ill with pulmonary fibrosis in 2013. Before long, he had developed blood clots on his lungs and needed a double lung transplant. Recognising it was not just his physical needs that needed [...]

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