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Palliative Care Australia Updates Position Statement on Voluntary Assisted Dying and Palliative Care

Palliative Care Australia (PCA) Board Chair Dr Jane Fischer says the organisation has updated its position statement on Palliative Care and Voluntary Assisted Dying for the first time since 2016, in light of the legislative change in Victoria and the current parliamentary action on the issue in other jurisdictions. “This position statement is the culmination [...]

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Voluntary assisted dying commences in Victoria today

Thank you to the End of Life Law in Australia Team, QUT, for collating these articles and documents outlining recent developments in VAD in Victoria. Voluntary assisted dying commences in Victoria Today new assisted dying laws commence in Victoria, the first time in over 20 years that assisted dying has been lawful in an Australian [...]

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Nepean and Blue Mountains 29th Annual Supportive and Palliative Care Conference

The Nepean and Blue Mountains Local Health District has a fabulous line up of speakers for their annual conference. This year the theme is all about shaping supportive and palliative care and it is being held on Friday 1 June in Penrith. Included in the program will be Prof. Paul Glare from the Pain Management [...]

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Prof Kathy Eagar lectures on choices at end of life

Senior Professor Kathy Eagar has been working in health and community care for over 35 years and has particular knowledge about aged care services and policy. Currently Director of the Australian Health Services Research Centre, she is heavily involved in all aspects of their work. She is renown for research translation and has authored an [...]

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Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill fails

Media release. The NSW Legislative Council last night voted down the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill, 20 votes to 19. Palliative Care NSW (PCNSW) Executive Officer Linda Hansen welcomes the result and thanks all contributors to this debate for their largely considerate, thoughtful and respectful contributions. “The membership of PCNSW is broadly opposed to euthanasia and [...]

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Palliative Care practitioners speak against assisted dying ahead of final debate

A panel of palliative care practitioners spoke to the media at the NSW Parliament House today in opposition to the Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) Bill currently before the NSW Legislative Council. On the table with them was a copy of a petition with over 600 signatures of medical practitioners who similarly held fears about the [...]

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Westmead Symposium considers expert and community views on voluntary assisted dying

With a focus on aspects of voluntary assisted dying a large audience gathered at Westmead Hospital today to hear from a number of speakers including Palliative Care physicians and community representatives. Thanks to Sally Greenaway and her team in Western Sydney LHD for hosting the event. “It’s not that doctors aren’t helping people to die, [...]

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More funding and better understanding of palliative care needed

his Monday's Q and A on the ABC sparked debate across the country about euthanasia and physician assisted suicide (PAS). The internationally recognised Professor Rod MacLeod, senior staff specialist in palliative care with HammondCare and Conjoint Professor in palliative care medicine, University of Sydney was motivated to weigh in on the subject. He suggested that if people [...]

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QandA discusses palliative care and euthanasia

On Monday night, Linda Hansen our Executive Officer, was in the audience for the ABC's TV show, Q and A. The show featured Minister for Communications Mitch Fifield; Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs Penny ;Wong; political singer/songwriter Billy Bragg, author Nikki Gemmell; and ethicist Margaret Somerville. Some panellists focused on personalising their arguments rather than trying to see [...]

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Canada: Medical Assistance In Dying (MAID) From A Regulator’s Perspective

There has been some debate recently in Australia regarding Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide. Canada has recently undergone this debate and the result was the approval of Bill C-14 for the legalisation of medical assistance in dying (MAID).  Coming into effect from June 2016, this bill created the legislative framework which clearly outlines the circumstances, conditions and criteria [...]

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