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Busting palliative care pain myths

With the recent debate in the media about death and dying, you may have heard euthanasia advocates arguing that palliative care is unable to provide adequate pain relief for some of its patients. Senior Professor Kathy Eagar, Director of the Australian Health Services Research Institute, has recently gone on the record to refute this. " [...]

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Dying to Talk. Supporting people with intellectual disabilities

Palliative care, talking about dying and intellectual disability were the topics of discussion in a Palliative Care NSW Forum held yesterday in Surry Hills. During the forum attendees watched Dying to Talk: Helping people with intellectual disability to understand dying and death, a DVD resource produced for the University of Sydney Centre for Disability Research [...]

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Death. Anxiety. A festival about going before you die

We’re all Going to Die – The Festival. Gen Z-something artist and filmmaker Stefan Hunt used poetry to make sense of his anxiety. An impromptu penning of a poem he called ‘we’re all going to die’ bought the realisation that if death was certain, then what did he need to worry about? “I just want to [...]

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Insights into the emerging practice of Palliative Care in China

See the full story ‘Beijing hospital’s hospice pilot struggles for cash, cultural acceptance’ by Xie Wenting in the Global Times 21st August 2017. Palliative care is a new phenomenon in China. While demand is huge, hospitals are facing challenges in introducing this concept to a society where traditional filial piety still holds sway, especially given [...]

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This game makes end-of-life decisions easier

A new game has been launched to get people talking about difficult end-of-life issues. Called Hello, players go around the table answering questions. It is designed to be easy and non-threatening and for everyone to play and is a way to open discussion for the sick or elderly to begin advance care planning conversations. "Who [...]

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3 ways you can support Dying to Know Day

It's Dying to Know Day! 60% of Australians think we should talk about death more, so why do we find it so hard?  Often the most difficult thing about death and grief is the awkwardness. People don’t know what to say, or what to do, so often they do nothing. What if we all knew how to respond to loss when [...]

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Cultural Considerations are everyone’s business

Keeping cultural considerations in mind is important when providing supportive and palliative care. Health Service Providers need to create respectful and sensitive interactions between people to ensure the best end of life care. According to the Program of Experience in the Palliative Approach (PEPA), this is especially important when it comes to Aboriginal and Torres [...]

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Death and the Maiden – How women deal with grief

Today is International Widow's Day - June 23. Women are way more likely than men to experience the death of their partner and not surprisingly, this can severely impact on their physical and mental well-being. An article by Dr Anna Pedrosa Carrasco in the European Association for Palliative Care Blog explains that for palliative care [...]

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Making an Advance Care Directive: Ministry of Health template released

The Ministry of Health has released 'Making an Advance Care Directive', an information booklet about Advance Care Directives (ACDs). A newly developed ACD template is included as a fill-in-tear-off feature at the back of the booklet. The resource is targeted at health consumers, and the template is currently being trialed by South Eastern Sydney LHD [...]

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Connecting pets with palliative care patients

For many people, going into palliative care means leaving their pets behind. Being away from their furry friends can really add to feelings of distress. This may be especially true for the elderly who may have already lost their spouse leaving their pet as their main companion. Kimberly Elford is a Tasmanian woman who runs [...]

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