RePaDD Review – Latest on EOL research

The Flinders University Research Centre for Palliative Care, Death and Dying (RePaDD) has announced the the publication of their first quarterly newsletter.  Read all about latest grants, research, collaborations, resources and more. RePaDD's mission is to make a difference to care at the end of life.  The primary areas of research include: Palliative care across [...]

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Digital dashboard aids EOL care

The ELDAC team at Flinders University has created an integrated palliative care web platform known as the ELDAC Digital Dashboard,  to support aged-care workers in planning and providing good-quality palliative and EOL care. The dashboard makes use of the ELDAC Care Model to provide prompts and triggers to guide care. It provides guidance on advance [...]

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Voluntary assisted dying commences in Victoria today

Thank you to the End of Life Law in Australia Team, QUT, for collating these articles and documents outlining recent developments in VAD in Victoria. Voluntary assisted dying commences in Victoria Today new assisted dying laws commence in Victoria, the first time in over 20 years that assisted dying has been lawful in an Australian [...]

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Woven coffins and affordable funerals

Creative and emotionally healthy funerals are making waves in communities that value personal choices, resourcefulness and good old wholesome naturalness, but for reasons of expense they also appeal to blue collar workers. A rejuvenated fire station in Port Kembla, cradled between the Illawarra region's industrial centre and the sea, is home to Tender Funerals: the [...]

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Three Magical Phrases to Comfort a Dying Person

At 3 p.m. on a Monday afternoon, death announced it was coming for him. He was only eight years old; his cancer cells were not responding to treatment anymore. His body’s leukemic blast cell counts were doubling daily. Bone marrow was no longer making red or white blood cells, not even platelets. The marrow was [...]

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A workshop On Death and Dying on 17th November, Sydney

On Saturday the 17th November a workshop On Death and Dying will be held in Sydney to explore, amongst other things, communication at end of life, how emotions, attitudes, beliefs and past experiences can result in us trying too hard to say or do ‘the right thing’, and ways in which we can be more [...]

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Dr Michael Barbato explores Experiences around Dying in Tamworth 25th October

25th October, Tamworth Join Dr Michael Barbato in Tamworth on Thursday the 25th of October at this Forum to look at Experiences around Dying. Michael will discuss experiences including dreams, visions/hallucinations, symbolic language, unconsciousness, the moment of death within the context of caring for people at or near the end of their lives. The forum [...]

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Talking End of Life with people with intellectual disability

Conversations about death and dying can be difficult at the best of times. Having this conversation with someone with an intellectual disability might seem even harder. Just like everyone else, people with intellectual disabilities need to understand the issues that come with the end of life and to assist with this a new online toolkit [...]

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Dying at Easter: Dye, eggs and Ruby chocolate

As Easter approaches we remember the many palliative care practitioners and volunteers who will be active over the long weekend. Dying at Easter takes on a different meaning for people in the Eastern Orthodox traditions who traditionally dye their Easter Eggs. Typically dyed red in colour, the dyed egg represents the themes of death and [...]

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Tenderly: What can end-of-life care learn from after-death care?

Nestled into the former Fire Station at Port Kembla is Tender Funerals , a community initiative that deliberately aims to offer a greater level of involvement and participation by family and friends in after-death care. Tender started life in September 2016 as an initiative of the local not for profit Our Community Project. The creative [...]

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