How Play School’s Little Ted is helping parents and kids talk about death and grief

From Mufasa in The Lion King to the loss of Bambi's mother, death is never far from a children's film. Yet for many parents, figuring out the right time — and language — to explain the cycle of life can be extremely challenging, especially when it comes after a death that's closer to home than [...]

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I Tried To Give My Dying 8-Year-Old Son A ‘Good’ Death. Here’s How.

Since before he was born, we’d done everything we could to give our son a good life. Dad started socking away college savings in a 529 plan before he was even born and I stayed up late researching top preschools. By the time he was 4, I dutifully drove him to piano and swim lessons. [...]

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Consolation for life’s darkest hours

The experience of mourning is difficult to say the least. Coping with profound sadness and the complexities of loss can be challenging - perhaps even more so for children who have little experience navigating the tides of emotions. Fortunately, there are some books available that help children grieve and make sense of death. This article at Brain Pickings has some suggestions [...]

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