After receiving 165 written submissions and holding three hearings into the need for registered nurses to be required 24/7 in NSW nursing homes, the committee has released their report. 17 recommendations were made.

Most significantly, the committee recommended that the NSW government retain the requirement for registered nurses to be available 24/7 in nursing homes. It was also recommended that data be collected regarding the rate of transfers to emergency departments to see if this represents a cost-shifting.

Palliative Care NSW is most concerned about the capacity of aged care facilities to provide quality end of life care to residents.  One concern expressed at the hearing was that Advanced Care Directives were not being followed when residents were transferred to hospital. The committee has also recommended that the government review the requirements for Advanced Care Directives and determine if a legislative requirement is required.

Other findings related to quality of care including urging a minimum staffing ratio be established and that the Commonwealth aged care quality framework has a greater emphasis on resident experience.

The government is due to release its response in April 2016.

The summary of the recommendations can be found here:

To read a copy of the report click here: