The inquiry into registered nurses in NSW nursing homes has finished taking written submissions and begun hearings. The inquiry will look into whether the law for registered nurses available 24/7 should be retained as a requirement. So far a broad spectrum of concerns has been raised from individuals and groups who have an interest in aged care. Registered nurses working in aged care have told how they are essential to providing high quality clinical care to residents with increasingly acute care needs. State aged care peak bodies have argued that mandating an RN to be employed at all times in all facilities would be unsustainable. Regional providers have said any move to mandate RNs on site 24/7 at all facilities would not be financially viable.
On the 10th of August, Linda Hanson, Executive Officer at Palliative Care NSW, Bronwyn Heron, Chair, and Margaret Dane, member of the Palliative Aged Care Network were given an opportunity to present their case at one of the hearings. They reminded everyone that palliative care is core business for aged care facilities and that RN’s are crucial in providing that care. Without RN’s there would be a risk of increased transfers to emergency departments and futile treatments may be undertaken against advanced care directives.
Copy of the transcript is available here:
A final report is due on 30 September.