Cover photo: Moths and their moon by Sophie Kristine. 

Palliative Care Australia’s online art competition is on again. This year the theme is Connection With Community and more than 40 artists have submitted work. There are a wide variety of entries – paintings, sculpture, clothing, photographs and mixed media.

With such a high calibre of entries choosing your favourite will be difficult. Voting is open now and the People’s Choice winner will take home a prize of $1000.

You can see all the entries here, along with a short explanation of how each work fits into the Connection With Community theme.

For her entry, Karen Benjamin created a dress out of tea bags called ‘Dying For A Cuppa’. Sewn together from tea bags collected from grieving family, it speaks to how a cup of tea can soothe the soul and give people a chance to come together and talk about death and dying.

An artist simply called ‘yes’ has painted their depiction of a ‘Warm Embrace’ imploring people to reach out and make this world a better place. Never underestimate the power of a simple smile, kind word or warm embrace.

Jo W’s photograph entitled ‘The Water of Life: sun, sea and ripples’ represents how the effects of community connections ripple out like waves, touching many.

Last year’s People’s Choice winner was ceramicist Ashley Fiona for her photograph of her grandmother’s porcelain ash keeper. This year, Ashley will be one of three judges along with Anzara Clark and Margaret Ambridge. Winners will be announced in late August.

Find all the entries and cast your vote here.


Photo credit: Palliative Care Australia