Living in the multicultural society that is Australia we often come across people from different religious and cultural backgrounds than ourselves. For those working in health and aged care this may make it more difficult to have conversations around the important subjects of death and dying if we have no basis in appropriate cultural contexts. Fortunately, health and aged care provider Cabrini, funded by the federal Department of Health, has launched a new website to support health professionals. It is called ACP Talk.

This website is the first of its kind in Australia. Ms Amanda Pereira-Salgado from the Cabrini Centre for Nursing Research was the ACP Talk project leader. She says, “Until now, there has been no Australian based, standalone website providing guidance about advance care planning within several religious and cultural contexts.” Not only will it benefit health care workers, the general public and other stakeholders can also access and use these resources.

State and national religious and cultural organisations have contributed their knowledge to help build this guide. The ‘search’ function enables users to select a religion/faith or culture which then provides generally appropriate background information and advice on advance care planning. The website also includes conversation starters and example scripts, legal information on advance care planning and external links to other resources.

Check out the ACP Talk website here.


Photo: Flickr/Duncan c