The Baird government has responded to the inquiry the requirement for registered nurses to be on duty 24/7 in nursing homes by deciding against retaining the legislation. This goes against recommendations made by the inquiry to reinstate the law. The State Government argues that as aged care is federally funded and regulated, such state legislation is superfluous.
The government has also rejected a number of other recommendations made by the General Purpose Standing Committee No. 3 including gathering additional data on the number of transfers from aged care facilities to emergency departments and establishing minimum staffing ratios.
There are fears in the aged care community that the removal of registered nurses will lead to an increase in unnecessary transfers to emergency departments putting the safety of our frail aged people at risk and creating a bigger cost burden for the public health system.
The NSW Nurses and Midwives Association condemn the decision believing it will leave our elderly vulnerable. Leading Age Services Australia (LASA) welcome the move saying it is sensible, responsible and supports quality person-centred residential aged care services.
A copy of the Government response can be found here: