Dying at Easter: Dye, eggs and Ruby chocolate

As Easter approaches we remember the many palliative care practitioners and volunteers who will be active over the long weekend. Dying at Easter takes on a different meaning for people in the Eastern Orthodox traditions who traditionally dye their Easter Eggs. Typically dyed red in colour, the dyed egg represents the themes of death and [...]

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$1.2M will contribute to a sustainable and skilled palliative care workforce

Palliative Care NSW welcomes the announcement by Parliamentary Secretary for Health Leslie Williams and the Member for Tamworth, Kevin Anderson (13th December 2017) that on-the-job training and scholarships worth $1.2 million will be provided to front-line health workers in palliative care. ‘As is the case for many industries employing highly-skilled workers, the ageing workforce within [...]

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Decision Assist palliative care advisory service closing

Decision Assist have announced that the Decision Assist program and website will no longer be supported after 31 December 2017, when new programs funded under the Australian Government National Palliative Care Projects grants initiative come into effect. The Decision Assist program for palliative care and advance care planning support for aged care will be complete [...]

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Sir John Oldham on collaborative, sequencing and community-led health initiatives

“We used to think that ‘collaborative’ was a verb but now we know it’s a noun”. A big thanks to South Eastern Sydney LHD for hosting a talk by primary care designer and former GP Sir John Oldham today on collaboratives, community action and implementing change principles. A collaborative is a pool of community wisdom [...]

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