New CareSearch portal – connects Australians to palliative care information and support.

The CareSearch Project, a leader in the provision of evidence-based palliative care information, has launched its new portal.

Funded by the Australian Government Department of Health, the interactive and revamped portal is designed to support everyone – patients, carers, health professionals, and ordinary Australians – to have conversations about death and dying and make informed palliative care decisions.

“We will all need palliative care at one point, and many us will also care for a loved one who is dying.

“The new CareSearch portal is designed to help all Australians to prepare for their palliative care journey with trustworthy information and resources,” CareSearch director Professor Jennifer Tieman says.

The new portal will help individuals, families and communities to start reflections and conversations about dying and death, which are important steps in planning and getting appropriate support.

Resources to enable patients and carers to make informed decisions when facing the end of life are included, along with practical information to plan for ageing and caring for older persons.

Visit CareSearch portal