My Health Record for palliative care patients

My Health Record is an Australian Government initiative which aims to make it easy for all healthcare providers to access and contribute to an online record of all your health information. Your health summary includes details such as your medical condition/s, prescriptions, allergies, hospital discharge summaries, test and scan results. It is designed to make it easier for health professionals to provide you with safer, faster and more efficient care.

There has been much talk in the media recently about My Health Record with many raising concerns about privacy and misuse of information. If you are worried about this you have until November 15 to opt out.

But for patients in palliative care, having a My Health Record may be beneficial. Having a centralised health record could provide better coordination of care, especially for people with chronic and complex conditions, leading to better treatment decisions and reduced hospital admissions.

My Health Record is also able to store Advance Care Planning documents and organ donation decisions lessening the burden on family and carers at a very stressful time.

For more information about My Health Record click here.