Masterclass – Physical assessment of the PC patient (Melb. VIC)

Are you an experienced nurse wishing to enhance your skills, knowledge and competence in the process of conducting a physical assessment for a palliative care patient?

The Centre for Palliative Care is holding a Masterclass: Physical Assessment of the Palliative Care Patient, 9:00AM – 4:00PM Wednesday 9th June 2021.  Please note this session will be held in Melbourne, Victotoria, so consider if you are willing to travel.

This ‘hands-on’ Masterclass is a must for senior nurses i.e. Clinical Nurse Specialists, Clinical Nurse Consultants, Nurse Practitioners or Nurse Practitioner Candidates. This Masterclass will be facilitated by experienced palliative care clinicians.

The Physical Assessment Masterclass is a face-to-face delivery model requiring practical hands-on assessment of a patient.

Program objectives:

  • To describe the purpose and process for conducting a systematic approach to physical assessment of the palliative care patient.
  • To perform an accurate and detailed clinical assessment with a focus on abdominal and respiratory systems and the Mental State Examination.
  • To ensure documentation accurately reflects the findings of the clinical assessment, and articulates assessment outcomes.

For more information and to register, please contact Centre for Palliative Care directly.  P: 03 9416 0000