International Volunteer Managers Day – 5 Nov 2021

There is less than one month to go until International Volunteer Managers Day, (IVMD) held on 5 November 2021. A day to recognise and celebrate the profession of volunteer leadership, this year the theme is “What is Excellence? – Pushing us beyond the ordinary.”

As a membership organisation with over 1800 volunteers state-wide, we encourage you to join us as we celebrate the vital role of Volunteer Managers in enabling safe and effective volunteering.

The theme of IVMD 2021 will be: What is Excellence? Pushing us beyond the ordinary. Its time to reflect upon what excellence really means. For example, what does excellence look like in:

  • Volunteer leadership?
  • Volunteer management certifications and learning?
  • Diversity and equity?
  • Managing up?
  • Meaningful engagement?
  • Embracing technology and systems?

Visit the IVMD website for resources and to find out how you can be involved.