‘Human rooms’ used in palliative care to improve end-of-life experience

Human rooms

A new ‘Human room’ has been installed at the Mutitjulu Community Centre in Uluru to improve end-of-life experience allowing them to immerse themselves into a calming space.

Melbourne artist Efterpi Soropos is behind this creation.

What’s a Human room:

Ms Soropos has spent more than a decade researching the effect of hospital environments on patients and created experimental immersive installations, known as Human Rooms, in a bid to change the atmosphere in hospitals. 

Rooms are filled with lighting, smell, noises, textures and colours. These are sensory filled rooms with the purpose of creating a relaxed atmosphere for patients.

The rooms are currently used in aged care homes and in palliative hospitals, and this year she completed a room at the Mutitjulu Community Centre in Uluru.

With the help of current technology, key elements of the installation can be changed through an app, so the experience is more personalised and adapted to patients relaxations needs and preferences.

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