How Play School’s Little Ted is helping parents and kids talk about death and grief

From Mufasa in The Lion King to the loss of Bambi’s mother, death is never far from a children’s film.

Yet for many parents, figuring out the right time — and language — to explain the cycle of life can be extremely challenging, especially when it comes after a death that’s closer to home than the other side of a screen.

So, how do you talk to young kids about death?

In a special episode of Play School, airing Monday 19 August on ABC, Australia’s longest-running children’s program is tackling that very question.

The episode, Beginnings and Endings, explores the joys and sorrows that come with the various stages of life — from buying a puppy to the death of a grandparent.

It’s the first time in Play School’s 53-year history that the show will explicitly talk about death and grief with its preschool-aged audience.

You can watch the episode on ABC IView here.

You can read the full article by Siobhan Hegarty here.

Image: In an episode, Little Ted’s goldfish Swish dies, and his friends gather around him for support.(ABC TV)