Healthcare professionals making a difference even during very difficult times.

Healthcare professionals

Thanks to healthcare professionals who are making death peaceful even during very difficult times.

“My mum lived a good life and died a good death. It was the people in healthcare who made the last part possible, against all odds.” These are the words of Kim Davies after her mum spent her last days in a palliative care unit in Melbourne.

Palliative care health workers made possible for Kim’s mum to spend her final hours looking over the garden “wrapped in a jewel-coloured pashmina”

This is a true testimony of how healthcare workers continue to show up against all odds, showing their care and compassion, doing a job that truly makes a difference in patients and family members.

The core of a “healthy’ health care system is the combination of professionals in the field that have chosen to genuinely care in order to make a difference and the infrastructure that works for the benefit of the patients and workers.

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Source: The Guardian