Have your say with Carers NSW

Are you a carer? Every two years Carers NSW undertakes a survey to ask carers about their experiences and find out what supports they need.

This year for the first time the survey is going national. The data gathered in this research will help to advocate for carers, influence policymakers, and plan for service delivery into the future.

The survey will allow service providers and other stakeholders to better understand the needs of specific groups of carers, including carers from different cultural backgrounds. It will illuminate the challenges of different caring roles, for example caring for someone with a mental health condition, or the experience of being an older carer.

While many of the questions will be the same as previous years they have added some new areas of investigation including:

  • Carers’ experiences with accessing disability, health, mental health, and aged care and carer support services
  • Whether accessing various types of services for the person they care for have freed carers up to participate more in paid work, community life and social relationships
  • The need for financial support and the financial situation of carers
  • Carers’ experiences and needs regarding respite care.The intensity of the caring role and how often carers have the opportunity to take a break

All carers are invited to participate and they are particularly interested in hearing from more male carers, young carers, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander carers, culturally and linguistically diverse carers, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans/gender diverse, intersex or queer (LGBTIQ+) carers.

While this survey can be taken online, it is also available in a print form to make it as accessible as possible. Survey ends June 30.

Click here to take the survey online or click here for more information.

For more information about the Carer Survey, please contact the Carers NSW Research Team at research@carersnsw.org.au or on 02 9280 4744.