Grief Awareness Month

The National Association for Loss and Grief (NSW) – NALAG, strives to help people find a voice for their grief whilst learning new ways to cope and heal.

Each August, the organisation celebrates Grief Awareness Month throughout NSW and encourages communities to learn more about the various impacts of loss and the grief process, encouraging the normalisation of grief in the communities. 

“By improving awareness, we can reduce the adverse outcomes for grieving people at risk of physical, social, mental health impacts and complicated grief. An educated community is a compassionate community and so we encourage everyone to join with us and learn more about grief this August.” Said Debbie Todkill, NALAG NSW CEO.

Some of the resources NALAG has on offer are:

  • Grief Awareness Month podcast series,

  • Quick tips for coping with grief,

  • Helping someone who is grieving,

  • Grief mythbusters, and more.

You can access these resources HERE.

NALAG has also free, confidential grief support service that is always available. They count with an experienced and compassionate team, ready to offer a helping hand during the grief journey.

To those who are currently struggling to cope with loss, please do not feel you need to grieve alone.

Visit to learn more about this service.