Free legal resources for volunteer managers

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Justice Connect helps people and community groups get the legal help they need.  They are very active in the not-for-profit sector, particularly in relation to helpful resources to make volunteer recruitment and managing safe and simple.

They offer a very comprehensive range of  resources that include:

  • The National Volunteer Guide, that covers issues such as
    • Understanding the legal differences between a volunteer, employee and independent contractor
    • Understanding your organisation’s legal obligations in relation to the safety of its volunteers
    • Protecting volunteers and other people your volunteers are interacting with from unlawful workplace behaviour
    • Recruiting, inducting, managing performance and ending the volunteer relationship, and
    • Organisational issues applicable to volunteers.
  • The National Volunteer App, to work in conjunction with the guide
  • e-learning modules, and more.

There’s also very comprehensive information on recruiting volunteers and managing return-to-work volunteers during COVID-19.

Visit Justice Connect website to access these resources.