PCNSW has recently developed two flowcharts to assist GPs in their decision-making processes in relation to when and how to refer a patient to Specialist Palliative Care services.

The need for such resources stemmed from research identifying that a significant number of GPs lack confidence in providing end of life/palliative care because of patient complexity, inadequate training, and insufficient resources.

Some GPs refer to specialist palliative care services late, struggle to keep up to date with palliative care knowledge / guidelines.

Given GPs are the cornerstone of care within the home, the development of a one-page flowchart was important to assist GPs with the steps and decision processes.

These flowcharts incorporate links to various validated assessment tools and details of medical referral information criteria required by Specialist Palliative Care Services.

After peer review and collaboration with Sydney North Health Network, PCNSW is pleased to release and publish these flowcharts. Click below to download them.

If services are interested  in hosting these flowchart resources on your organisational website, please contact Dr Peta McVey (E: pcguide@palliativecarensw.org.au OR 8076 5604.