Fantastic resource for Nurses providing palliative care

CareSearch is an online palliative care knowledge portal

CareSearch is an online palliative care knowledge portal for health professionals, people needing palliative care and their families, and for the general community.

This year, the CareSearch Nurses Hub was reviewed, expanded, and updated.

CareSearch parterned with experts this year, specifically with a steering committee of six nurses from aged care, community, acute, and rural and remote sectors, to review, expand and update their online training porta. A larger group of nurses drawn from across Australia also provided valuable insights and advice; they started with the evidence and worked with nurses to create a resource for nurses.

This resource now includes:

  • Palliative Care Nursing: understand what, where and who of palliative care nursing practice
  • Communication: an essential part of palliative care, explore ways to gather and share information respectfully and compassionately
  • Assessment: find out how to recognise needs and monitor for changes
  • Planning and Coordinating Care: learn how to involve individuals and teams in planning and care coordination for current and future needs
  • Clinical Care: find practical information on responding to physical and psychosocial needs including:
    • information on how to recognise, assess, and manage ten commonly experienced symptoms and issues
    • My CPD reflections forms developed to help nurses record their learning activity across the ten symptoms
  • The Dying Patient: understand how to recognise and manage imminent death and address after-death care
  • Loss, Grief, and Bereavement: learn how to support those going through grief and bereavement
  • Tools for nurses in palliative care: a range of forms, checklists, and tools to assist you in providing palliative care

Nurses demonstrated professionalism and passion for what they do, as Susan Gravier, Research Officer
from CareSearch and palliAGED, suggests in her article: “I was impressed by the passion that these nurses have for their work and their drive to ensure that quality palliative care is available for those who need it. I thank the nurses who worked enthusiastically with us on this project creating a resource with nurses for nurses.”

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