Families love new palliative care wing at Broken Hill

A wing of the Broken Hill Medical Ward where palliative care in-patients receive care has been completely refurbished. A total of 10 rooms have received new beds, furniture, sleeping chairs for family members to stay overnight, a kitchenette for patients and families, new window blinds and bedding, freshly painted rooms and corridor, new artwork, increased privacy through new walls and screening, and outdoor tables and chairs for each room. The work was funded by NSW Ministry of Health with a Palliative Care grant of $395,000.

The refurbishments have been very well received by family, patients and staff alike. Positive feedback from families and staff on how clean, tidy and peaceful the unit is now. Many comment on how ‘calming’ is the new artwork.

Patients, families and staff have provided positive feedback on the new kitchenette and outdoor sitting areas. They are grateful to be able to sit and enjoy the sun and fresh air, or share a coffee in the café space; a good change of scenery and not ‘stuck in a room’.  Families appreciate the café space to take some time out. Giving them time to regroup, catch up or share information between family members and not talk over the patient when not appropriate.

Families appreciate being able to bring in their loved one’s favourite food and being able to refrigerate and heat things anytime of the day or night.

Mum wanted a cup of tea and toast at 3am and I was able to that for her. It was her last meal’.