Spirituality and Cultivating an Authentic Presence Forum

Spirituality is a fundamental element of human experience that encompasses an individual’s search for meaning and purpose in life and their experience of the Sacred.

In this forum for NSW Palliative Care Volunteers, Kate Englebrecht will discuss what it might mean to cultivate an authentic presence while supporting people to navigate through their own personal fears and experiences of spiritual darkness.

Kate will explore questions relevant to what it means to be present with another as they experience life’s most challenging moments. Using relevant video material and poetry we will explore what it takes to allow another to speak their truth. We look, gently in conversation, at some of our own fears and reservations about dying and the challenges of illness and suffering.

This forum is particularly for the benefit of Palliative Care volunteers and people who are interested in becoming Palliative Care volunteers, as well as other health volunteers and professionals, volunteer managers and clinicians.

DATE Tuesday 5 March 2024
TIME 10am – 12pm
LOCATION East Maitland Bowling Club, Banks St East Maitland
COST FREE but registration is essential

Please click here to register. We invite you stay after the forum and join the group for lunch in the club bistro (at your own expense).

Kate Englebrecht has lectured in spirituality and been a Chaplain for many years. She knows something of what it means to face her own ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ and knows how profoundly it matters to feel seen, heard, known, accepted, and cared for. She makes use of insights and observations from a variety of spiritual leaders and mentors to inform an approach to supporting people as they engage with life’s most challenging moments.

Kate has a particular desire to support those who care for those who are dying and knows that the most supportive carers are often those who have had the courage to face their own spiritual beliefs as well as their own personal fears and doubts.

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