Dying to Know Day

Dying to Know Day 2022

The Groundswell Project is calling on Australians to ‘get dead set’ around death and dying as part of its annual Dying to Know Day on August 8.

This year, their national campaign asks people of all ages and stages of life to prioritise compassionate conversations and ‘get dead set’ around the reality of death and dying – because it’s going to happen to us all. 

It’s time to get dead set.
to feel more comfortable about the uncertainty and finality of death.
to have the most important conversation you’ve never had.
to find your positive state of preparedness around end-of-life.
to normalise and reshape how we all approach end-of-life.

Hosting a Dying to Know Day event will help break the taboo about openly talking about dying, death and grieving. Talking about dying and death reduces fear and stigma surrounding death. Conversations can harness the support of our family, friends, colleagues and community to ensure we live well and die well.

Planning for our end-of-life wishes can help us die where we want to die and in line with our values and  that matters most to us. Being more comfortable to talk about death matters can reduce distress, uncertainty and strengthen our collective approach towards better living, dying, caring, and grieving.

By being ‘dead set’ and prepared for end-of-life, Australians can:

  • Have a ‘good’ death which reflects what mattered in life.
  • Have conversations to ease the anguish of loved ones through the distress, uncertainty, and finality of death.
  • Leave a positive legacy that is consistent with how we want to be remembered.
  • Have their lives celebrated/remembered the way they choose.

To find out more about how you can host an event during August please go to the Dying to Know Day website.