Dying to Know Day

Dying to Know Day is an annual campaign that empowers all adult Australians to be strong self-advocates for their own personal planning when it comes to their future.

Dying to Know Day encourages adults of all stage to take individual action, hold events, gatherings at home, and much more, all to improve their knowledge around choices for their end-of-life.

This year, the campaign asks adult people from all communities, cultures and gender backgrounds to prioritise self-advocacy when it comes to end-of-life planning and to embrace their unique and personal choices, so they truly align with their values and wishes.

Dying to Know Day seeks to encourage the ‘tough conversations’ now, to reduce the anguish, distress and grief experienced by loved ones later. And to take action, thoughtful action, that starts the process to ‘get dead set.

Australians can ‘get dead set’ by proactively planning to:

  • Capture their choices in writing.

  • Have conversations with people important to them.

  • Prepare your send-off.

People are encouraged to join the conversation by sharing their experiences or events via social media using the hashtag #DyingToKnowDay, #GetDeadSetMyWay or #GetDeadSet.

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Source: https://www.dyingtoknowday.com/