Digital dashboard aids EOL care

The ELDAC team at Flinders University has created an integrated palliative care web platform known as the ELDAC Digital Dashboard,  to support aged-care workers in planning and providing good-quality palliative and EOL care. The dashboard makes use of the ELDAC Care Model to provide prompts and triggers to guide care. It provides guidance on advance care planning, recognising the EOL, assessing palliative care needs, providing palliative care, working together as a multidisciplinary team, responding to deterioration, managing dying and offering bereavement support.

One of the unique abilities of the dashboard is that it uses existing data that is captured within an aged-care service’s clinical data management system, processes it, and provides a one-stop shop for clinicians to graphically view and track all relevant EOL care activities and processes of their residents/clients. There is no need to feed data to the dashboard, which makes it ideal for integration into existing clinical data management systems, as opposed to being a standalone piece of software with additional management and application requirements.

The ultimate aim of the dashboard is to support workforce understanding and capability around palliative care so that older Australians receive high-quality, person-centered care at the end of their lives.

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