Death, Dying and Hope: Conversations about end of life

Many of us find talking about end of life particularly difficult, and communicating with others about end of life presents its own challenges.

Meaningful Ageing Australia is offering a series of seminars in regional areas aimed at making care staff better at communicating with others about end of life challenges.

How do we, as care staff, communicate with residents/clients and their family members as death approaches? How might we attend to the grief experienced by family members and our colleagues? What processes can we put in place to enable the whole team to stay up to date with news of recently deceased residents or clients?

This session will engage participants in discussions about end of life:

  • Develop your communication skills
  • Recognise spiritual care needs at end of life
  • Understand what people are likely to experience in loss
  • Recognise that all staff have a role in end of life care
  • Understanding communication processes within the team so all staff are aware when a resident/client dies and are able to support each other, the loved ones and other residents/clients.
  • Feel more comfortable engaging in conversations around the dying process and death

Griffith – May 3

Tamworth – May 17

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