David Gulpilil’s death sparks call for better palliative care

WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers are advised this article contains images of a person who has died. The late actor’s family has granted permission to use his name and image.

Jida Gulpilil believes his father would’ve wanted to die on his traditional country in Arnhem Land if he’d had the chance: “Who wouldn’t?”

Instead, renowned actor David Gulpilil died thousands of kilometres away in regional South Australia, due largely to a lack of aged care and cancer treatment resources available in the remote NT.

“That was of course his wish, to be living in [his homeland of] Gupulul, for many years, but there just wasn’t that sort of element of support or understanding,” his eldest son said.

The Rabbit Proof Fence and Storm Boy star died in November in the town of Murray Bridge, aged 68.

Governments pledge improvements

The Commonwealth government pledged it was working to improve care options across remote Australia, but stopped short of outlining any specific future plans.

“The Morrison government is committed to improving access to critical care and palliative care in rural and remote communities,” a spokesperson said.

“We’re committed to working in partnership with state governments, the health sector and local communities to help build their workforce – one that is equipped to provide culturally safe, high quality care across all locations.”

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Credit: ABC News