CareSearch: ‘What palliative care information is most needed by patients, carers and families?’

Trustworthy information. CareSearch shares trustworthy information on palliative care to everyone who needs it.

We recently spoke with Dr Lauren Miller-Lewis, Research Associate with CareSearch about her latest project.

“We are currently embarking on an engagement project with patients, carers, and families, to better understand their information needs when it comes to palliative care. This will help us make sure that the CareSearch website is up to meeting the community’s needs.”

“We are asking clinicians and volunteers to help us understand ‘What palliative care information is most needed by patients, families and carers?’ such as what people wished they had known about palliative care before they really needed to know.”

Lauren and her team have developed a pop-up feedback box on their Patients, Carers, and Families webpage. Click on the link and wait a couple of seconds for the box to appear.

“Please take one-minute to respond in the feedback box – responses are anonymous.”

“We’d love to hear from clinicians and family members based on their experience in helping find or share information.”

The CareSearch website provides reliable information on palliative care for Patients, Carers, and Families and the healthcare workforce who provide care. All resources are available online free-of-charge and are based on the best palliative care evidence and checked for quality by Australian health professionals. CareSearch includes information for families about palliative carehow to careliving with illness, and coping at the end.

CareSearch have been regular sponsors of our Conference events including the 2017 NSW Palliative Care Volunteer Conference and the 2018 NSW Palliative Care Volunteer Manager’s Conference.

Image by permission CareSearch.