CareSearch celebrates it’s 10th year of operation

It’s 10 years since the CareSearch palliative care knowledge network was first launched. It’s premise was simple – gather all the knowledge and best available evidence related to end of life care in one location where health professionals, patients, families and carers can come to inform their decisions around palliative care.

Research is essential to gaining a better understanding of the likely results and potential benefits and harms of any treatment. Synthesising such evidence helps us as workers in the field of palliative care understand how to best support patients and their families. CareSearch’s vision was to make all the research, evidence and trustworthy information easily available leading to better outcomes for people at their end of life.

CareSearch has also been instrumental in creating resources and learning modules to better equip the palliative care workforce and to fill important gaps. In May 2017 they launched palliAGED, the online and app based evidence and resource guide for aged care. CareSearch also developed their Dying2Learn Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) which has been hugely popular.

To celebrate this important milestone they have produced a 10th anniversary publication. As well as summarising their good work over the years it also includes reflections from the palliative care community.