Are you ok day is today: Give the gift of conversation

Are you ok day is today: Give the gift of conversation and connect with seniors

“Ageing is not without challenges – health, relocation, loss, isolation or difficulties completing tasks that were once simple – any of these can lead to friends, family members or neighbours becoming disconnected from their community and support networks.

A simple chat can mean everything to a friend or loved one who might be struggling.

The signs it’s time for an R U OK? conversation can be subtle. There might be changes in verbal or non-verbal behaviour. Someone might tell you they’re having difficulty filling their days or they might be withdrawing from social situations but by making time to support someone who is doing it tough, you could change, or even save, their life.”

Download the following resources that will provide you with practical tools and tips to recognise the signs that a senior Australian might be struggling with life’s ups and downs and the confidence to ask “are you OK?

This practical conversation guide contains tips to help you ask, ‘are you OK?’, and lend support to senior Australians in your world every day of the year. When we genuinely ask R U OK? and are prepared to talk to them about how they’re feeling and what’s going on in their life, we can help someone who might be struggling, long before they’re in crisis.

The Staying Connected Activity Book includes games, puzzles, quizzes with personal stories and conversation tips to help senior Australians feel more connected and supported. Download and enjoy together over a genuine conversation with a senior Australian in your world.

Poster, and other seniors resources are also translated into five languages: Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Greek, Korean and Vietnamese. You can access these resources here.

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